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Cow Ears for Dogs

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✓ 100% natural
✓ Single-Ingredient
✓ Promotes dog’s dental health
✓ Safe
✓ Highly digestible


Our Buster's Cows ears are great for dogs of all sizes and ages. They satisfy your dog's natural urge to chew while helping improve dental health and hygiene. Dogs that chew cow ears regularly have less plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth. They are 100% digestible and are meant to be a long-lasting treat for your dog.

These chewy treats are 100% natural and free of artificial colors, chemicals, additives, preservatives, or fillers. Chewing on these delicious treats can stimulate your dog, reducing anxiety. Moreover, Cow ears are an inexpensive treat making them great natural chewy to give your dog at any stage of their life.


100% Cow ear

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Cow Ears for Dogs

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

⦁ 100% natural: Our Cow Ears are sourced from 100% grass-fed cattle, with no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, additives, hormones, or fillers.

⦁ Single-ingredient: Our beefy cow ears are made from 100% grain-free, all-natural beef from free-range, grass-fed cattle.

⦁ Promotes dog’s dental health: The gnawing and scraping action on our cow ears will remove tartar and help clean the teeth and gums of your dog.

⦁ Safe: It does not contain bones. Therefore, there will be no splintering or crumbling, which makes cow ears one of the safest dog treats.

⦁ Highly digestible: These soft cartilages are easy to chew and digest, even for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies.

How to feed your best friend

Feeding Instructions

How to feed your best friend

Feeding Instructions

Supervised feeding and provide plenty of fresh, clean drinking water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of feeding natural treats to my dog?

Natural treats can provide a source of protein, help clean teeth and gums, and serve as a healthy snack option.

Are natural treats like rabbit ears, chicken feet, and pig ears safe for my dog to eat?

As long as the treats are sourced from a reputable supplier and are free of harmful additives, they can be a safe and healthy option for dogs. However, it's important to monitor your dog's reaction to the treat and consult with a veterinarian if any concerns arise.

How often can I feed my dog natural treats?

The frequency of treat feeding should be determined by your dog's diet and overall health. As a general guideline, treats should make up no more than 10% of a dog's daily calorie intake.

Are natural treats appropriate for dogs of all ages and sizes?

The appropriate size and frequency of treat feeding can vary based on your dog's age, size, and health. Consult with a veterinarian for personalized recommendations.

How should I store natural treats for my dog?

Natural treats should be stored in a cool, dry place, and if opened, kept in an airtight container to prevent spoilage and bacteria growth.